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Spectacles of Union Sqaure - Keven Hershey, owner


"I am fortunate to have been trained by an old European optician and lab man. Horst had come out of the lab to eventually own his store as have I. He taught me all he knew about making prescription lenses on outdated antiquated equipment – I had to master the trade and learn to manually perform tasks that one would never need to know when using modern equipment. In our industry, lens technology has become so over marketed that we lose sight of the fact that ultimately a human still has to take measurements and in most cases, a completely different human has to process that information accurately.


At Spectacles of Union Square it is all done in-house. We’ve been making prescription glasses under this very same roof for almost 50 years. I’ve been hanging around Maiden Lane for over 20 years and have always been known as San Francisco’s Prescription Eyewear destination. I am honored to be able to keep these family owned traditions alive and sell quality brands – and more importantly, make a pair of glasses the right way. I am in my element when I am knocking out a stack of jobs, repairing an old frame, and helping someone see better…all at the same time!"


– Kevin Hershey, Owner

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